Cleaning Validation Software Trusted by Top10 Pharma

CLEEN software is an intelligent way to manage the entire cleaning validation process which saves millions every year. Book a demo and see for yourself what Top10 Indian pharma companies are using to reduce the risk of non-compliance in FDA audit due to drug cross-contamination.


Cross-Contamination in FDA Warning Letters

In the recent years, 1 out of every 5 warning letters contain an issue related to cross-contamination. The release of latest EMA guidelines make cross-contamination the most critical compliance issue of 2018.

fda warning letters analysis.png

50% Less Cleaning

Automation of the entire Cleaning Validation Lifecycle results in streamlined operations.


40% Fewer Deviations

Advanced data-science driven risk control strategies reduce the deviations (OOS/OOT) by 40%.


100% EMA Compliance

CLEEN is Fully compilable with the latest EMA guidelines on setting HBELs

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A Risk-based predictive approach to automate the entire Cleaning Validation Lifecycle. Learn how Top10 Pharma companies reduce the cleaning requirement by 50% by 3 simple ways.